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Are you looking to take your striking skills to the next level? Do you want to learn how to hit harder
and more effectively in the ring or on the street? Whether you’re a beginner or an
experienced fighter, this course is designed to help you develop devastating punching power.

In this course, George will teach you the techniques and training methods
used by professional fighters to develop knockout power and precision striking.
You’ll learn how to generate maximum force with every punch while minimizing
the risk of injury. You’ll learn how to build explosive power,
increase your speed and accuracy, and develop the mindset of a champion.

So don’t wait any longer to start hitting harder and more confidently than ever before.
Enroll now in my online course on hitting hard and take the first step towards becoming a true knockout artist.


World Renowned Martial Arts Instructor & Punching Power Expert,  George S. Pogacich made a course to show you How To Punch HARD. — 3x HARDER !

What You’ll Get

1 – GET The exact body mechanics necessary to hit with knockout power. Discover why it’s not about hips, legs, shoulders and pecs.

2 – Discover the mechanics and exactly how a 100 pound guy can hit harder than most unaware 200 plus pound fighters.

3 – Get demo after demo where George Pogacich shows you with instruction what he’s doing exactly to generate such force. We find talking about it is not nearly as good as showing it.

4 – Get the Psychology needed. This is the 90% others are missing completely. Understand how shifting your thoughts “just a bit” can make a world of difference in your punching power AND fighting ability overall.

5 – Learn How George Takes Powerful Strikes. Get the information necessary to greatly diminish the physical threat of others by learning the techniques shared in this lesson. Here again the mental component is more important than the physical component. *This is not for the squeamish.

6 – Reaction video – here is a video with play by play of some of the fighting arts greatest punchers. Find out how they were able to generate such world class power with their punches and kicks. George step by step shows you their punching and explains how mechanically it gets done.

The 3 Steps to 3x Your Punching Power Include:
Step 1 = Perfect Motion
Step 2 = Your Mindset Upon Striking
Step 3 = Concentrating The Force

Hear from 9 martial arts veterans who have experienced GEORGE’s Sledge Hammer Like Strikes!


Rik Chakraborti – Newport News, VA – May 24, 2021), Assistant Professor of Economics At Christopher Newport University

Fantastic product! Thank you, Dan, and George.
George demonstrates a unique mastery in simplifying and demystifying a topic that many struggle with: how to hit hard. Really hard. Like really, really hard. And deep. The course cuts to the chase. It seamlessly blends the basic theory (physics) of strikes with actionable practical advice in a way that makes the lessons intuitive, and memorable. The tips are simple on the surface, but will help you strike better, deeper, sharper, faster, and efficiently so. There’s a lot on offer here, especially for self-defense and combat applications. This short course is perhaps the best investment available to up your striking game. While you won’t hit as hard as George does overnight, you will hit much harder than you do right now as soon as you start making the simple-to-understand adaptations recommended. The best part: not only will you see overnight improvements, George also leaves you with enough in here to work on for the rest of your life

Golden Gloves Champ, Martial Artist 30 years Gary Austin, Woodhaven M

George just isn’t the kind of guy you want to meet in a dark alley.

Kenpo Grandmaster, Tony Collins

George hits like a freight train. I’ve been hit by some of the biggest names in martial arts and nothing compared to the power George has.

Joe DeFilippi Sr. Warren, MI ​6’3″ 300 pound Guinness Book of World Record Holder – Brick Smasher & Multi-Black Belt 6+ Degrees

I fear little but George is on another level. You don’t want to get hit by him.

Dan “The Wolfman” Theodore – Atlanta, GA ​Multiple Ranks / MMA Veteran / Bodyguard 30+ Years

I’ve trained and been hit by guys all over the world. Nobody comes close to what George has. He might be an alien.

Kung Fu Instructor / Systema – Harbor Springs, MI Skip Allen

He’s simply on another level. He doesn’t think like others do.

Licensed Bodyguard / BJJ / Systema / Firearms Dino Prappas – Rochester, MI

Standing up OR on the ground, his striking power is unlike any I’ve felt. It’s hard to even fathom.

9th Degree Okinawan / Systema Teacher / Vince Kassaba – Grand Rapids, MI

George is purely excellent.

SWAT / Special Forces / “Lightning Rodd” – Amateur Kickboxing / Firearms / State Champ / Law Enforcement Veteran Doug Rodd LIVONIA, MI

I really love that George got straight into the meat & potatoes of striking hard. There was no wasted video space. I’ve bought a lot of videos of Spetsnaz, and the power of Systema. Of all the videos they didn’t show you how to actually achieve that striking power, only demonstrating the beating of their students. It’s nearly impossible, unless you know what you’re looking for, to see how this power is being achieved cuz it’s the exact opposite of what we learn in martial arts training as far as developing power through using the foot, hips and shoulders twisting for power which instead as George teaches, limits your Speed and Power.

Latvian Sambo Champion / 30 year multiple discipline martial artist / 20 year Systema Vilnis RS – Riga, Latvia

People don’t want to feel it — it’s really painful.


1. The psychology, the mindset of punching hard and why it’s the key to real power. In fact, George says it’s 90% of it. 

2. The mechanics through explanation in multiple different ways. You’ll learn exactly what your body and more importantly what your mind needs to be doing to punch 3x harder or more.

3. Concentrating POWER – Force = Mass x Acceleration – it’s about concentrating force to a smaller area. It’s about focusing energy and not allowing it “to leak”.